Tour de INDE (INDIA 2014)

Sangdi Sangdi … Love this song :)

Maa – Anwar Masood



Graduation ceremony


My Favourite Songs (Dec 2013)


Miss you Rock

This post is about my lovely Rock who has been died in 2010 at age of about 2 years. Missing u my friend :’(

Exams are over… Enjoying Holidays

Finally, my exams are over and now its time to have some fun till october. As I am going to start MSc from Middlesex University in October. At the moment, I am waiting for my Graduation Ceremony which is on 16th july, its long awaited moment of my life. I am so excited for this read more »

Why Exams ?

Folks, Why we have exams ?? … thinking… two hours gone.. .still thinking… ANYWAYS   Here is something to share…. chill !!    

Love Instagram ?

Now a days, Instagram is one of my fav website and application such as fb & twitter. So I just started with my digital camera roll pics. Few of them, I am gonna publish here. It includes random pics from my iPhone and by SLR. Pics were taken around London while I was studying in read more »

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